The Sweetest Thing

30 01 2008

I was recently sent an email with one of the sweetest snap shots of Barackstar and wife that made me say “ahhh” and I am not the sentimental type.

Afterwards, I decided to find more pics of the couple showing affection and it is sweet and something you rarely see with other candidates and their spouses. Actually some I found were quite sexy and to be honest should give women hope that there are men out there who are able to handle a strong woman without feeling emasculated. And give us hope that there are men out there that are loving, supportive, affectionate and strong.

So enjoy


A candidate with “experience”

29 01 2008

People kill me with this experience issue. They are using this as an excuse for not voting for Obama.

He does not have enough experience to run this country. Neither did Reagan who was an actor before becoming the President, neither did Clinton except being the governor of Arkansas–an appointment that he did not finish– before becoming the President. Neither did G W Bush who was the governor of Texas–which is a figure head position, the governor has no power in Texas, the Lt. Governor carries the power–before being the president for 8 years.

So tell me what is the truth behind this statement? They say Hillary has more experience because she served along side of her husband while he was governor and president. I feel this is ludicrous because if I were to put on my resume that I have experience in a particular field because I served along side my husband, I would be laughed out of the office.

I believe there are other reasons why people use this excuse for not voting for Obama, just like the excuse that he smokes as a reason for not voting for him and the reason that he never served in the military for not voting for him. To me the underlying issue is race. I prefer these people to just be honest with themselves. I am not one to always say people are racist but there are things that are so obvious and this is one of them.

There is no other candidate appropriate for this office at this time like Obama. No other candidate so honest and true. No other candidate preaching unity in a nation torn apart or a society on the decline. No other candidate who has been successful in getting a government torn apart by partisan bickery to work together, and no other candidate who has been successful in unifying the races in this country.

To me his “lack” of experience is of little consequence but his leadership skills speaks volumes. Furthermore, if truth be told, Obama has more experience then Hillary in legislature law and working in the government–his 10 years (8 in the state senate and 2 in the U.S. senate) vs her 6 years in the U.S. senate. She just trumps him in working in politics.

So again, what are you afraid of–change? Change always comes and we must learn to adapt or we would die out like the dinosaurs.

Obama stands for change and this country is ready for it. I hope you will vote for him in your primaries. I know I will.

The Kennedys endorses Obama

29 01 2008

Wow, and I will say that again–WOW. What a feat that is. Caroline, Ted, and Patrick endorsed Obama as the Pres today on national TV. An endorsement that the Clintons were desperately trying to snag.

Caroline talks about her father legacy and his dream to lead the nation into a new era of prosperity. She said she has yet to see a candidate who was so like her father in inspiration and aspiration until Obama. In fact she had no idea who Obama was until she saw the change that he was making in her children. After hearing her children speak of him she became active and followed his campaign and now she is an avid supporter of him for president.

There are some who wish to bring up the Bay of Pigs in Cuba or the Marilyn Monroe debacle but again I will always say that if you can only bring up one or two bad things about me and a slew of good things then you have no merit, you are just nitpicking. Yes, Kennedy made a mistake in Cuba by promising the Cubans that the US would come and rescue them and then left them–the educated/rich class of Cubans–standing on the beach in the dark without a life jacket or a boat.

But let’s be honest here. That debacle does not over cast the fact that he was very active in the Civil Rights Movement–which got him killed– he sent the first man to the moon, he brought hope to a country torn by racism and classism, he brought prosperity to a nation and he was beloved nationally and internationally. The man is an icon and to try and diminish this endorsement from one of the most beloved political family in this country because it did not go to Hillary is to me walking a fine line.

Just be happy for Obama, I know many of you do not wish to see him in office but it is inevitable that one day we will have a woman or a black man in office so you may start accepting that fact now.

Be happy he is someone with integrity and some character, be happy he is someone who has the whole country in mind and not his own agenda, be happy he has been able to unify a torn country, crippled by insecurity, uncertainty, and despair. Be happy he has brought hope to those who had become cynical and disillusioned. Let’s face it, he is the most appropriate candidate for the time that we are living in and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

I am excited to see our country change and see the youth become more open minded and open hearted to see this change. The young always lead the cause in radical change and they are saying to our nation–it is time for a change.

So here’s what I say–get on board or get left behind.

South Carolina Victory Speech–Who’s your daddy?

29 01 2008

Let’s just say, Billary and Edwards got spanked in South Carolina. The most amazing thing is that Obama took half of the white vote–so much for race baiting.

I am completely moved and continually awed by the outpouring of love for this man across our great nation. A love that surpasses race, gender, economic status, party affiliation and religion. What a leader–he brings hope and clarity to those who have lost hope and whose mind has been befuddled with cynicism and hate.

This is his victory speech. A speech that has moved me to tears and makes me proud. The freakish thing about it is, towards the end of the speech he begins to sound like MLK.

For the first time

27 01 2008

For the first time in my 31 years, I feel like an American thanks in part to the Obama campaign.

Today, I went to the Houston for Obama HQ to help register voters in 3rd Ward. I have never been a part of a grassroots movement ever until now. Canvassing the community and talking to people about Obama and dispelling doubts was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I have never felt as if I was a bearer of hope.

To see the light go on in many young Black American men’s eyes, the eyes of men with no hope, no purpose, no direction, was enlightening. I met some old school folks as well who are big supporters of Obama. Those who weathered the storm with King and Kennedy. These old timers–and I use that term with much respect–understand the world and its promises that never come true and for some reason they see that this man is not full of hot air.

At the HQ I met a woman named Yolanda who for some reason fell in love with me on the spot. She told me of her experience of walking with Dr. King in Louisville, Kentucky when she was only 12 years old. Mind you the woman didn’t look a day over 35, I even got up close to see if she had wrinkles–she didn’t.

She said to me and my mom who were apart of the group–that “your daughter has something amazing in her. I can see why she is supporting Obama, they have the same spirit.” She is right, we do. We have both been through the identity struggle–mind you I am as black as they come–but I had different interest then my black counterparts in Houston that ostracized me from the group early on–my being pegged as “too white,” made me feel alienated from own community and my being “too black” alienated me from white people. He and I have traveled all over the world, he and I see the world through different eyes–it isn’t black and white but a beautiful rainbow. Yes, I support Obama because, it is in him that I see myself and the change I wish for this country.

Being in such wonderful company today encouraged me–University of Houston Students united again. Doing things that other candidates do not encourage their supporters to do–like unifying from the ground up, working in the community to endorse a candidate–has made me feel like I am apart of the process and not outside of the process.

I must say that Obama is ingenious in how he has organized his supporters. I believe many of us have walked away feeling more American, and more empowered just because we were able to actually “touch” our candidate and the people around us.

After Obama’s win today–mind you he took the white vote just as much as the black (so much for race baiting)–I am again starting to believe in this process, believe in this nation and believe in its people.

I do believe that change starts from the bottom up, if governments can be tyrannical without meeting opposition from the people then it will, but the fact that Obama is holding the people accountable and in turn the people will hold him accountable to push forth that change is brilliant–but not just brilliant, it demonstrates his leadership skills.
Change has always come in the face of fierce opposition, at a cost and through grassroots movements– Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Right to Vote, Emancipation of Slavery, and the end of Apartheid– all of these movements came about because the people spoke loud and with one voice. Their clear voice was heard throughout their nation and could not be ignored by their governments.

Congrats Obama for the win and here’s hoping for many more wins during Super Tuesday.University of Houston Students for Barack Obama

Students for Barack Obama

24 01 2008

MLK Day 2008


This year’s MLK day was a day to remember in Houston, TX. The University of Houston Students for Barack Obama launched its visibility campaign and a diverse group of students made an appearance.

Dr. King would have been proud to see his dream come true where “All God’s children, black men and white men; Jews and Gentiles; protestants and catholics,” got together to rally around the first viable African-American president in history.

We sat in the student lounge and got acquainted with one another. We all agreed on why we supported Obama. “He represents change, he is for unifying the people and we believe in what he is doing. We feel empowered by him and believe that for once, someone has gotten it right,” we said.

Even the fact that we each represented a separate nationality did not go unnoticed by us.

We even received a write up in our school’s Daily Cougar newspaper and was covered by a blogger in NYC who had heard about us.

So far we have a Voter’s Drive planned on Saturday, January 26, 2008 in 3rd Ward from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. A political debate hosted by the FYRE Organization on Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. on campus and phone banking to California all this week.

We are working hard to form viable relationships with the students on campus as well as people in the community.

I will continue to keep you all posted on the outcome of the Students for Obama campaign. Enjoy this picture of us.


Mike Huckabee

24 01 2008

Who is he? Really. I was watching Mr. Huckabee on CNN the night after the Nevada caucus and he made a few comments about Barack Obama that I thought were quite ironic. He said, “If Obama is elected into office, there will be change alright, but not the kind of change that I want.”

What do you mean by this Mr. Huckabee? Then he went on to say that, “change is all I will have in my pockets if Obama is elected president.” For real? I mean that is all that is left in my pockets right now and some people don’t even have two pennies to rub together because the current administration has robbed the American people blind.

My other observation is this–why is EVERYONE– attacking Obama? There are other candidates running for office. I feel as if there’s an elephant stumping around in the room and no one wishes to address it. So I will address it for you. Obama is black–yep he sure is, so what are you going to do about it? I prefer that you just say what you are really thinking–don’t worry about being politically correct. It is more offensive to me when these candidates send out the secret, hush hush, messages that there is a Negro running for office and that it is possible for him to be THE president of the USA.

What is quite sad about the above observation is Barack has never pointed out his ethnicity but it seems that everyone is so fascinated by it. Let’s be honest here; the American people like him. Not just blacks but people of all nationalities. Go figure that one out.

What it is Mr. Huckabee and Mrs. Clinton, is that everyone is tired of the same old politics. The same old partisan crap that has been peddled to us for the past 20 odd years. When will you get it into your heads? Obama isn’t going anywhere so get used to him being around.

Cheers to Obama.