Mike Huckabee

24 01 2008

Who is he? Really. I was watching Mr. Huckabee on CNN the night after the Nevada caucus and he made a few comments about Barack Obama that I thought were quite ironic. He said, “If Obama is elected into office, there will be change alright, but not the kind of change that I want.”

What do you mean by this Mr. Huckabee? Then he went on to say that, “change is all I will have in my pockets if Obama is elected president.” For real? I mean that is all that is left in my pockets right now and some people don’t even have two pennies to rub together because the current administration has robbed the American people blind.

My other observation is this–why is EVERYONE– attacking Obama? There are other candidates running for office. I feel as if there’s an elephant stumping around in the room and no one wishes to address it. So I will address it for you. Obama is black–yep he sure is, so what are you going to do about it? I prefer that you just say what you are really thinking–don’t worry about being politically correct. It is more offensive to me when these candidates send out the secret, hush hush, messages that there is a Negro running for office and that it is possible for him to be THE president of the USA.

What is quite sad about the above observation is Barack has never pointed out his ethnicity but it seems that everyone is so fascinated by it. Let’s be honest here; the American people like him. Not just blacks but people of all nationalities. Go figure that one out.

What it is Mr. Huckabee and Mrs. Clinton, is that everyone is tired of the same old politics. The same old partisan crap that has been peddled to us for the past 20 odd years. When will you get it into your heads? Obama isn’t going anywhere so get used to him being around.

Cheers to Obama.




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12 03 2012
Vickey Gowers

A pity, but I debate with this posting. I do like your specific blog though and will likely keep on moving once again for upgrades.

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