For the first time

27 01 2008

For the first time in my 31 years, I feel like an American thanks in part to the Obama campaign.

Today, I went to the Houston for Obama HQ to help register voters in 3rd Ward. I have never been a part of a grassroots movement ever until now. Canvassing the community and talking to people about Obama and dispelling doubts was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I have never felt as if I was a bearer of hope.

To see the light go on in many young Black American men’s eyes, the eyes of men with no hope, no purpose, no direction, was enlightening. I met some old school folks as well who are big supporters of Obama. Those who weathered the storm with King and Kennedy. These old timers–and I use that term with much respect–understand the world and its promises that never come true and for some reason they see that this man is not full of hot air.

At the HQ I met a woman named Yolanda who for some reason fell in love with me on the spot. She told me of her experience of walking with Dr. King in Louisville, Kentucky when she was only 12 years old. Mind you the woman didn’t look a day over 35, I even got up close to see if she had wrinkles–she didn’t.

She said to me and my mom who were apart of the group–that “your daughter has something amazing in her. I can see why she is supporting Obama, they have the same spirit.” She is right, we do. We have both been through the identity struggle–mind you I am as black as they come–but I had different interest then my black counterparts in Houston that ostracized me from the group early on–my being pegged as “too white,” made me feel alienated from own community and my being “too black” alienated me from white people. He and I have traveled all over the world, he and I see the world through different eyes–it isn’t black and white but a beautiful rainbow. Yes, I support Obama because, it is in him that I see myself and the change I wish for this country.

Being in such wonderful company today encouraged me–University of Houston Students united again. Doing things that other candidates do not encourage their supporters to do–like unifying from the ground up, working in the community to endorse a candidate–has made me feel like I am apart of the process and not outside of the process.

I must say that Obama is ingenious in how he has organized his supporters. I believe many of us have walked away feeling more American, and more empowered just because we were able to actually “touch” our candidate and the people around us.

After Obama’s win today–mind you he took the white vote just as much as the black (so much for race baiting)–I am again starting to believe in this process, believe in this nation and believe in its people.

I do believe that change starts from the bottom up, if governments can be tyrannical without meeting opposition from the people then it will, but the fact that Obama is holding the people accountable and in turn the people will hold him accountable to push forth that change is brilliant–but not just brilliant, it demonstrates his leadership skills.
Change has always come in the face of fierce opposition, at a cost and through grassroots movements– Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Right to Vote, Emancipation of Slavery, and the end of Apartheid– all of these movements came about because the people spoke loud and with one voice. Their clear voice was heard throughout their nation and could not be ignored by their governments.

Congrats Obama for the win and here’s hoping for many more wins during Super Tuesday.University of Houston Students for Barack Obama




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27 01 2008

Yay us! Yay Obama!

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