The Kennedys endorses Obama

29 01 2008

Wow, and I will say that again–WOW. What a feat that is. Caroline, Ted, and Patrick endorsed Obama as the Pres today on national TV. An endorsement that the Clintons were desperately trying to snag.

Caroline talks about her father legacy and his dream to lead the nation into a new era of prosperity. She said she has yet to see a candidate who was so like her father in inspiration and aspiration until Obama. In fact she had no idea who Obama was until she saw the change that he was making in her children. After hearing her children speak of him she became active and followed his campaign and now she is an avid supporter of him for president.

There are some who wish to bring up the Bay of Pigs in Cuba or the Marilyn Monroe debacle but again I will always say that if you can only bring up one or two bad things about me and a slew of good things then you have no merit, you are just nitpicking. Yes, Kennedy made a mistake in Cuba by promising the Cubans that the US would come and rescue them and then left them–the educated/rich class of Cubans–standing on the beach in the dark without a life jacket or a boat.

But let’s be honest here. That debacle does not over cast the fact that he was very active in the Civil Rights Movement–which got him killed– he sent the first man to the moon, he brought hope to a country torn by racism and classism, he brought prosperity to a nation and he was beloved nationally and internationally. The man is an icon and to try and diminish this endorsement from one of the most beloved political family in this country because it did not go to Hillary is to me walking a fine line.

Just be happy for Obama, I know many of you do not wish to see him in office but it is inevitable that one day we will have a woman or a black man in office so you may start accepting that fact now.

Be happy he is someone with integrity and some character, be happy he is someone who has the whole country in mind and not his own agenda, be happy he has been able to unify a torn country, crippled by insecurity, uncertainty, and despair. Be happy he has brought hope to those who had become cynical and disillusioned. Let’s face it, he is the most appropriate candidate for the time that we are living in and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

I am excited to see our country change and see the youth become more open minded and open hearted to see this change. The young always lead the cause in radical change and they are saying to our nation–it is time for a change.

So here’s what I say–get on board or get left behind.




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