An Outpouring

4 02 2008

Many of you do not know that I am currently a grad student studying Communications. I plan to finish my degree next Spring but in June I will take the LSAT. I want to go to law school and study International/Global law.

I say that because at the moment I work part time as a make-up artist at M.A.C. Cosmetics. I enjoy my job for what it is, but I love it more because of the people I get to meet.

Recently, I met a cross-dressing straight man, who recently loss his partner. I was able to be an ear and someone who did not judge him for who he was. I was not always so non-judgmental but I am now because I have learned that people are people, who struggle as I do, who hurt as I do and who love as I do. Not to mention–who am I to judge?

This is just one example of people I get to touch and vice versa. Today, was one of those days where my customers touched me. I have been quite frank about the fact that I support Barack Obama for president. I will not change my mind, but today made me that much more convinced that the man can bring change to our great nation.

Today, I had the privilege of meeting three young ladies from Australia who were visiting the states. As I was helping them find make-up and showing them how to apply it, we got on the subject of politics. Unlike young Americans, the youth in other countries are very concerned about politics and the running of their countries. The girls went on to ask me who I was supporting, and I said Obama. They were so thrilled to hear that especially in a Republican state such as Texas. They said that the whole of Australia has been glued to their TVs watching what has been tooted as the most historical moment in our “modern” history. One girl said that her friend text messaged her in the middle of the night last week to tell her that Obama won South Carolina. At the time she was visiting Mexico and her friend was still in Australia.

This comes on the heels of the German newspapers, Polish newspapers, Portugal, U.K., Susan Eisenhower (Ike Eisenhower’s granddaughter–a Republican btw) and Maria Shriver’s surprise endorsement of Obama. I was so moved by the hope in these young ladies’ eyes of us voting Obama into office that it made me almost cry. They said you just don’t know how that man will not only change your country but the rest of the world and how it views America. They were very impressed by his resume and worldliness and said although they would love to see a woman in office they did not believe Hillary was the appropriate woman for the job.

While speaking to them one of my regular customers came in to exchange some items. I stepped away from my customers to help her out and she asked me what I had been up to. I told her that I was busy with school, work and campaigning. She asked, “for who?” I said, “Obama, of course.” She came around the counter to hug me and said, “I am so glad to hear that. Especially from another black person.” I went on to introduce her to my new customers and shared with her how they and the rest of Australia was routing for Obama as well. We both wished that they could vote in the election, but alas they were not citizens.

I find it amazing how much press this election is getting and the outpouring of love from around the world toward Obama. If anyone has any doubts about his ability to lead this country and cross over to deal with people internationally, then all a person has to do is pick up an international newspaper or google one online and one will find that the man’s charisma translates abroad as well.

As the weeks go on, many influential people are coming out of the wood works to endorse Obama. Maybe these people see something that many in America do not recognize because they have not seen it in decades and that’s “HOPE.”

Here’s hoping to an historical Super Tuesday. Don’t forget to Barack the Vote and good luck Obama.




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