Naiveté or Not?

4 02 2008

There was recently an article on the front page of the NY Times about a lie that Obama made in Iowa about a Nuclear Leak Bill that he passed and about how he took money from workers–WORKERS of Excelon– a nuclear energy company. Many people are starting to say, have I been misled by this man? Have I been naive?

I say no. I say read between the lines. He tried pushing a bill about nuclear waste through, which is “gasp” against the company’s interest he supposedly took money from? Wow, he is evil.. People really. Obama is one to be honest and say–we all have dirt, I am not completely clean but I have worked hard to stay as clean as possible. To be honest I do not recall him ever saying he was pure but that he has leadership and that he has judgment. Of course he made mistakes in the beginning of his career. Don’t we all, but we grow up, mature and learn how to move through land mines. I like the fact that he is not completely clean it shows that he has had to have his character and integrity hone.

The fact of the matter is, they can’t find a lot of dirt on the man, so they are cherry picking. Let’s get real, he is bringing everyone together and that is what this country needs. Period…




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