University of Houston Students 4 Obama

7 02 2008

There’s excitement in the air in Houston. In light of Super Tuesday many Obama supporters believe that the prize is within our grasp.

The University of Houston’s Daily Cougar did a survey of a hundred students and found that students who identify themselves as democrats overwhelmingly support Barack Obama.

The Obama camp knows the power of the student vote. It is what got them the win in Iowa and even South Carolina and other states. With the primaries in Texas coming up in 3 weeks, Houston is mobilizing for the upcoming event.

The UH students for Obama chapter has been on the move. We have been having tabling events and voter’s drives to register people to vote. Two weeks ago our Facebook page consisted of 28 students supporting Obama, today we are 103 strong and still growing at about ten participants per day.

We have signed up about 30 volunteers and plan on doing a collaborated event on February 19th with the other universities in Houston including Rice, TSU, and UH Downtown. If it is up to us Obama will win Texas. So many of the students tell us how they were successful in converting their die-hard Republican parents into Obama supporters.

I know that if we tell our friends and families why we support Obama and what issues he stand for, I know that we can change the tone of this election and get that win that Obama needs.

Hopefully, he will agree to the debate in Houston which will definitely make him a household name in the 4th largest city in the country and the largest county in the state.

Yes we can–si se puede..

Let’s Barack and Roll Texas!!




3 responses

7 02 2008

How cute, getting all excited about Obama. Its not surprising that kids would line up to support an inexperience freshman Senator, devoid of any accomploishment other than a book full of vacuous, flowery language designed to appeal to people exactly like you. I have to admit, its a great strategy to appeal to the uninformed, emotional element of youngsters. So let’s be clear, if Obama is elected, we will blame you! Perhaps you should spend 10 minutes and understand his positions on:

Foreign Policy
Monetary Policy
National Security

By now you’re most likely surprised that anyone should actually care about those things huh? And you thought a little book and black(or at least partly black skin) was all one needed to be prez….ahhhh..the youth of my country!

7 02 2008

Not that young Michael. Know about the person you are insulting before you insult them. Maybe you forgot, the youth has always changed the face of this country. Civil Rights, Women Rights?? Not the mention we are not dumb, we are not voting for this man because he’s black and gives pretty speeches, but we know and like what he stands for–gasp? The youth knows politics? I have had more experiences in my 32 years then anyone I know and one thing I do know is this is the real deal. Is Bush’s tax cuts helping me or others like me? What’s wrong with reforming immigration–aren’t we a nation of immigrants? Hey then there’s education–do YOU know where he stands on that? Healthcare? I have lived in Europe and the universal health care other candidates are suggesting does not work. The economy–he wants to create green jobs–people researching and putting into effect this nation going green.. Do YOU know what your candidate stands for?

Inexperienced? hmm, now that is a fallacy that has been tooted around. He has 11 years of constitutional law experience whereas Hillary has 6. I believe that our president needs to know about the constitution and how it works.. I mean it is the guidelines to how to run this country is it not? Well yeah it is… So what Hillary has been IN politics longer-being IN politics does not make you a better leader or candidate. And aren’t you tired of being ruled without your voice being heard? Interestingly enough no one brings this up. She wants to rule us, he wants to make the–horribly corrupt government–more transparent and accountable to its constituents.

And who are we to blame for the mess the country is in now? We [the youth] did not vote in overwhelming droves the last time, you older folks did. Interesting..
How about this, this site isn’t for people who are negative, I have had that type of blog. If you have something to say say it with respect and without insult–otherwise your comments will be blocked..

14 04 2008
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