23 02 2008

I have been waiting all week to write this post. Of course I was researching the hell out of a lot of things and running myself ragged volunteering for the Obama campaign this week.

There were two amazing things that happened to me this week in conjunction to the Obama campaign. 1) I put a smile on someone’s face and 2) I got to see Obama live not to mention meet Candy Crawley of CNN fame.

On Monday this week, our campus group sponsored a GOTV rally on campus. Of course I was decked out in all my Obama gear. As I was walking home from the bus stop, an African guy stopped and asked me where he could find an Obama shirt like mine because he had been trying to get his hand on one. He being African was a big fan of Obama. I proceeded to tell him that the Obama website was sold out and on back order and decided to give him my hard earned Obama button that took me two months to get. The biggest smile broke across his face when I handed it to him and I think the pure joy in his eyes will be forever etched into my brain. I mean to us it was just a button but to him it was hope.

Secondly, I was afforded the opportunity to volunteer for the Obama rally here in Houston. I was given the job of keeping the press off of the floor and behind a steel gate. Of course I pissed a few people off because I am a stickler for decorum and rules. I guarded my area like a secret serviceman guarding a president who’s life had been threatened. I am not saying I did not enjoy myself and let my guard down a few times. I danced to the oldies and made a few secret service personnel smile and one laugh–and believe me these men are scary. They scare me and I am not easily intimidated.

At one point Senator Obama shook hands with supporters. Let me just say this, I am never star-struck. I just can’t be that silly. With that being said I was embarrassed how some of the people reacted after Senator Obama shook their hands or hug them or whatever the case was. One older black woman ran toward me and shouted , “He touched my hand!!” For real lady? How old are you? I thought I was at a cheesy church revival.

All in all the atmosphere was electrifying and Senator Obama is better in person than on television. I now understand his appeal to the world at large.

The next day our campus group hosted another rally, a McCain supporter and Daily Cougar writer came by the table and asked me a few questions about Obama. He asked, “How do you feel when people say that Senator Obama is all rhetoric and no substance?” I responded, “Well, in all honesty it is a fallacy. Yes he inspires people, but let’s be honest humans are 80% emotion and 20% logic. I feel you need to inspire people and tap into their emotions before bringing out the laundry list of chores you are planning to accomplish as the president and Senator Obama recognizes this.” I went on to explain to him about the $4000 tuition break that Senator Obama wishes to initiate for college students who participates in community service each year they are in college. This gentleman misinformed me–something I found out after much research–that Americorps already does this. Mind you, I have never heard of Americorps let alone seen them in my community. I know they exist but it [Americorps] has not impacted my world. Furthermore, it does not give a $4000 tuition credit to students who participate in community service. Senator Obama wishes to make this idea a national institution. As I student I think it is a fabulous idea. America invests in students and students invest in America–building the nation from the ground up.

After this incident I decided I needed to know even more than what I already knew about Senators Obama and Clinton. I did not have to look very far because this wonderful blogger did the work for me by listing all of Obama and Clinton’s accomplishments while serving in the senate–of course Obama outshines Clinton in bills passed and introduced. I even went to the The Library of Congress–Thomas to read these bills for myself–the man has a record to back up his claims.

After last night’s debate I doubt anyone will be able to say Senator Obama is all rhetoric and no substance. I am excited for this candidate and I am working my fingers to the bone to make sure he wins Texas.

Stand for change and get to know your candidate so you know what you actually stand for. Get out and vote this week–no excuses..

I am tired but will add more thoughts later about the 9 state, 1 territory, 1 democrats abroad sweep.




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23 02 2008

Very well written, but not quite on track.

23 02 2008


23 02 2008

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Keep up the good work!

2 05 2008

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