Catching Up

24 03 2008

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. 3 weeks in fact, but forgive me my absence. I have been working hard on the Obama campaign here in Texas and many things have taken place since then.

So I will start from this moment and go backwards and fill you all in on the happenings on the campaign trail. Firstly, I received an internship in Philly to work for the Students for Barack Obama while on Spring Break. I am typing this blog 30,000 feet in the air on Continental Airlines. I am excited but the road to getting me on the plane was quite hellish.

First, I saw my friend off to NYC. She had the audacity to leave her minivan with me because I am the responsible one. Needless to say I was in a car accident because some idiot decided to slam on his brakes causing the woman behind him and myself to hit each other. Of course he kept driving, oblivious to the mayhem he caused behind him. Unfortunately, through all this, I came to find out that my friend only had liability insurance and her vehicle was totaled. The SFBO did a fundraiser and raised $600 dollars for me including $440 given to me by my boss who was impressed by the fact that I was sacrificing every thing so that my friend was not assed out. She felt it showed I had character, which caused her to have pity on me.

I realized that my friend’s string of bad luck spilled over into my life the day she brought me her car. I know now not to ever drive anyone’s car. Also, I had already purchased my airfare to Philly and the ticket was non-refundable so my family and friends gave me another $200 so that I could eat while on my internship since I had gave $400+ to my friend’s car fund, emptying out my nest egg. Sidebar–I am currently looking for full time employment, if anyone in the Houston area know of any openings in a law firm or government agency please email me.

After all that, I arrived 20 minutes late for my flight but the one of the workers took pity on me when he heard I was on my way to intern for Obama in Philly and now I am on my way. I am one of those people who refuse to freak out in the midst of grief and stress. I kept a level head and spun my wheels until things were taken care of. Hopefully, my friend will have a car by tomorrow so that she can return back to Austin and my life can return back to normal and I can begin to repay my family and friends what I owe them.

New York

The wonderful state of New York has sworn their 55th governor who happens to be their first black American governor and the first blind governor in this nation’s history. I find it quite amazing that black Americans are making history all over the place this year because of circumstances.

First, Barack Obama and now, Gov. Patterson. I am amazed at how everyone in New York are opened to the possibility but also sadden that Gov. Spitzer represent the day of old politicians who did not practiced what they preached.

This scandal is just another blemish on the American political history and another sore spot in the Clintons’ campaign. What people do not know is that Gov. Spitzer was a super delegate that supported Senator Clinton. He was forced to step down because of his $80,000 involvement in a prostitution ring. Which by the way was what he built his career on—that is, prosecuting government officials for their involvement in the seedy business of prostitution. I find it ironic but not unbelievable. Just a few years ago, we found out that Strom Thurman, a fanatical supporter of segregation and a self proclaim racist had a bi-racial—half black—daughter.

I have come to find that those who are fanatical about particular things tend to be those who are guilty of indulging in those very, same sins. The one thing that did actually disturb me about this incident was how Gov. Spitzer’s wife stood by his side as he announced to the whole world that he is another man guilty of not only illegal dealings but also of humiliating his lovely wife who stands by him solemn and near tears.

As a woman, this situation borders on abuse. I find it quite distasteful that he allowed her to stand there with him. Even if it were her idea, as a man of integrity—oh yeah he has proven that he lacks integrity– he should have told his wife that this walk he had to walk alone and refrain from humiliating her further. 2 months ago the Gov. of Michigan did the same thing to his wife. It makes me ill, and believe me I can taste the bile in my mouth, that women in this country have not come much further from the women of the 1800’s who stood by their men no matter what.

I need to step off of my soap box before I drown in the deep end, but needless to say this month has been rife with scandal. The good thing is we have another super delegate throwing his hat into the ring for Obama. Woohoo.

Philadelphia, PA

Currently, I am in Philly helping out with the campaign while on Spring break. I have met many people since I have been here. Took pictures with “Black Thought” at a student rally and took pictures of Caroline Kennedy when she came into the HQ to phone bank.

I have had a rough and tumble ride in Philly. My luggage was lost by the airlines when I first got here. I had to spend $50 on my first day for cab fare because my ride had his car locked in the garage—he showed up too late to retrieve it. I have gotten sick and have had my debit card stolen by the security guard who frisked me at an event—I will never see it again, I had to cancel it—and was harassed by a wino on the train. Despite all this I have met the most brilliant of minds, although most of them were a bit narcissistic and micro-managing.

I was especially moved by Sen. Obama’s speech on race last week. I liked the fact that he did not let anyone push him into a corner and pretty addressed an issue in this country that needed to be addressed for a long time. I was very proud that he did not throw his pastor under the bus but instead stood firm on his loyalty to the man while denouncing his words. I particularly loved the fact that he brought into the light the grievances that both whites and blacks feel toward each other and at the same saying to each respective groups that these grievances are real and need to be dealt with by working together.

I shed a tear when I heard the “We are the ones song” two days ago for the first time—and I am not the least bit emotional–but seeing little Zoe Kravitz all grown up moved me. I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw Bill Richardson endorse Obama–now that’s an interesting turn of events and was equally sadden that Michigan and Florida have to suffer and not allow their voices to be heard because the democratic party in their respective state did not stand up to their Republican councilmen when they moved the primaries up knowing full well that their democratic constituents would have to pay the price for it–of course this was done on purpose to cripple the democratic party.

I am somewhat perturbed that Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean have not put an end to this bickering between Clinton and Obama and pressure Hillary Clinton to end what is becoming a dirty campaign that has begun to split the democratic party. Let’s end this nonsense and form a unified front and stop giving the Republicans ammunition against the front-runner. And for God’s sake don’t say on national TV that you think Sen. McCain would be a better C.I.C than the guy in your own party. And then say after discrediting him that you think that he would make a good VP–what? Everyone knows that Sen. Clinton cannot catch up to Obama’s tally and what is up with her saying that the smaller states do not count–what is she going to be the President of the big states? What happened to running for the President of the United States? Interesting.

Despite it all, this movement has proven time and again that when people unite as a stalwart front they will not and cannot be moved.




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