The Truth about Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

29 03 2008

So they have diminished the Rev. to a sound bite and made him look like a Nazi, but how many of you have actually seen the ten minute sermon? I bet not many. I am Jewish and I just sat and watched and what a mess the media has made. This man has lost his integrity and his reputation because Fox does not want a Dem in office and because CNN is too lazy to research the facts before posting information–wait I am sorry CNN is more concerned with ratings then the truth and that to me makes me ill. The media is despicable, deplorable, and downright dirty.

I have attached the true sermon–by which the Rev. Wright was quoting a “white ambassador named George Peck” who was interviewed on Fox after 9/11. Rev. Wright went on to denounce violence, terrorism and told his congregation that they need to reflect on what they have done to cause harm to this nation and to their relationship with G-d.

After this debacle I will never again watch the News. I am sick to my stomach because of the lack of journalistic integrity that journalists portray. Please watch and learn.

I have also included a white pastor who knows Rev. Wright. Listen to what he has to say about what the news media is doing to this man’s reputation.

Here is an explanation on the foundation of Obama’s church. Watch it all the way through.

McCain and Huckabee are defending Obama. How many news outlets are talking about this? Don’t you think it is amazing the way people defend him? It says a lot about Obama’s character, when the Republicans are defending a Democrat against a Republican, rightest news media. Amazing. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fox news.




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29 03 2008

Many people are so gullable on blog section the two sermons that the sound bites are the complete sermons. It is good to see you are note swayed by the media. There needs to be a standard of accountability in media.

5 04 2008

But there is a standard of accountability in the media. It’s called the people. We sit around and act like our inaction has no consequence. We complain about coroporate media practices while smaller, independent news outlets go out of business everyday for want of subscribers and advertisers. If asked who your city concil people, state senators, congressmen and senators are, many of you have no other responses than blank stares. Asked about even the government policies that affect essential aspects of our everyday lives and again most people are clueless (including myself). In the end it’s not Bush, the Republicans, the Democrats, big business, mainstream media or any other group. It is you, me, and all of the people consciencely choosing ignorance and inaction in the face of blatant injustice and tyranny.

5 04 2008

I agree with you there Swandiver. I strongly concur

9 05 2008

I agree with you about the press and their handling of this issue as well as all of the other Obama bashing. I was appalled to see the Indiana primary coverage on CNN Tuesday night. (I think it was CNN) The mayor of Gary Indiana was, in my opinion, beat up over and over again about what was happening with the votes and there was some implications that there might be vote tampering. Maybe I am a bit sensitive to this issue but there were some definite nasty undertones that really upset me. I had to turn the tv off because it was just too upsetting.

On the positive side, Obama is still standing strong regardless of what has come his way. That is pretty powerful.

21 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Financially!!

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