Weigh it out

15 02 2008

After Obama’s national 7 state, 1 territory sweep this past week, the Clinton campaign is scrambling to catch up. In a way I find this situation quite amusing seeing that Hillary underestimated the “junior” Senator from Illinois–barely refraining herself from patting him on the head when he announced that he would be running for President this year.

It is also quite amusing that she continues to campaign under the ” I am more experienced” banner when it has become apparent that Obama is out-raising and out-campaigning her. So much for being Junior, eh?

On Sunday while rallying in Virgina, one of the only states besides Maine, Senator Clinton stated, “Yes, Obama won Louisiana. It is because it has a strong, proud African American constituency.” What she forgot to mention was that the other three states he won over the weekend have a negligible black constituency. Well, I guess we can no longer say that he is winning because of the black vote which has not been the case since the beginning. Oh and BTW if you have not received the memo, he won all states and territories this weekend.

Furthermore, while campaigning in El Paso, TX which she flew to before even getting the results from the Potomac States caucuses and primaries, she made another derogatory statement, after finding out that Obama won all three states on Tuesday. She said, “Oh the states he won does not matter. They are just small states. I plan to win the big three, Texas, Ohio, and PA.” I won’t even mention the fact that she refused to campaign in the states she felt she would not win. For real, Hill? This says a lot to me about her character. I thought you were running for the President of the USA, Hill, not the President of the big states? We won’t even discuss the fact that she stated at a rally that she needed the Latino vote and that is what matter because they make up a large constituency in those the big 3.

Another peak into Hill’s lack of courtesy and integrity, in this New York Times article, one of Hill’s aides stated that Hillary is willing to take “incendiary steps” including suing the DNC to have the delegates of Florida and Michigan seated at the Convention. Incendiary steps–I guess her attitude is ‘by any means necessary” which conveys to me that she is all about power and not the people. Despite these shameful acts, I still know people who wish to have this woman as their President.

On to better things, today I read a blog by a Republican Mommy who endorsed Obama. She felt that he is the best candidate she has seen in years. So I guess she is an official Obamacan?

Today, I met with the Obama staff and let me tell you, when the guy says he is all about youth, he isn’t lying. 95% of his staff are young under 30-somethings who are excited and infectious about this candidacy. He has touched each and every one of them in some amazing way. I have never seen so much excitement. The momentum is building and once the ball begins to roll it never stops, it only picks up speed– and this ball is the Obama campaign. What you see is what you get.

I will pose a question to my readers, who do wish to have as President? Someone who may lack experience but has proven that they have excellent leadership skills and integrity? Or someone who has proven and continues to prove that they have no integrity at all and becoming President is all about power? Think long and hard–if you pay attention you will notice that one candidate’s words and actions line up but the other does not. After saying all that–I employ you all to get out and vote.

Baracking out!!


Students for Barack Obama

24 01 2008

MLK Day 2008


This year’s MLK day was a day to remember in Houston, TX. The University of Houston Students for Barack Obama launched its visibility campaign and a diverse group of students made an appearance.

Dr. King would have been proud to see his dream come true where “All God’s children, black men and white men; Jews and Gentiles; protestants and catholics,” got together to rally around the first viable African-American president in history.

We sat in the student lounge and got acquainted with one another. We all agreed on why we supported Obama. “He represents change, he is for unifying the people and we believe in what he is doing. We feel empowered by him and believe that for once, someone has gotten it right,” we said.

Even the fact that we each represented a separate nationality did not go unnoticed by us.

We even received a write up in our school’s Daily Cougar newspaper and was covered by a blogger in NYC who had heard about us.

So far we have a Voter’s Drive planned on Saturday, January 26, 2008 in 3rd Ward from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. A political debate hosted by the FYRE Organization on Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. on campus and phone banking to California all this week.

We are working hard to form viable relationships with the students on campus as well as people in the community.

I will continue to keep you all posted on the outcome of the Students for Obama campaign. Enjoy this picture of us.


The road less traveled

21 01 2008

I can remember the first day that I got bitten by the political bug. It was in 1993 and I was a junior at Elsik High School in Houston, TX.

Of course at the time I was not yet old enough to vote so the only way I can make my voice known was by talking and debating the issues with other students.

At that time I was a member of the student organization HOSA and was trying to decide if I would become a doctor or a lawyer. Fortunately or unfortunately I was smitten by both fields but made a decision to pursue medicine because of my family doctor who decided to mentor me as well as find me black American doctors to mentor me as well–he was white.

I joined HOSA and participated in the HOSA parliamentary procedure debate and other activities. Unfortunately, my mom was a struggling single parent barely making ends-meat and therefore made it impossible for me to participate in extra-curricular activities. I believe that if I were able to do so my path would have gone a totally different direction.

Instead, I joined the military in 1994 after I graduated from high school; more out of a thirst to travel then to serve my country–which I found out was most enlisted personnel’s reason for joining as well. I was afforded the opportunity to travel around the world the three years that I was in the Navy. These experiences solidified the international bug that I had already been bitten by when I was younger.

I was the little black kid who listened to classical music and Enya. I sang in the choir in my school and played bells in the bell choir. I also played the clarinet. Somehow deep inside I knew that my life would be different then what it was at the time.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this? I wish to explain my background so that you may better understand why I am supporting Barack Obama for president.

Many would say it is because he is black but to be honest that was a strike against him, for me, in the beginning. You see the black community has not had a viable leader since Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X. In fact our community has regress in many ways and has accepted the modern pop culture’s definition of what it means to be a black American–grills, sagging pants, bling, etc. That is until Senator Obama stepped onto the scene. He is eloquent, intelligent, firm, and doesn’t play around. I was not prepared for this candidate. I forgot about his keynote address at the 2004 Democrat Convention. In fact it was the furthest thing from my mind. Being a struggling college student at the moment leaves no room to have fund memories.

It wasn’t until I saw him for the second time on Oprah that I took notice. Who was this funny guy with the funny name, big ears and dark lips? And what was he talking about? I was voting for Hilary anyway. But something about what he said spoke to me. In a country that forces you to define yourself by race, culture, socio-economic, level of education, religion, etc; rarely do I meet others who do not allow our society to put them in a box and who proudly announces that they are undefinable. I rarely meet others who possess an international, multi-cultural spirit. But Barack’s spirit spoke to mine. Here was a multi-racial American man who refused to be put in a box and he was running for president.

At first, I didn’t think he could do it but when I heard about all of the people turning up at his rallies and all the money he’d raised without using lobbyist and PAC’s; and the fact that he wished to unite America, which is a very important issue to me, I knew that he was my guy and I have been campaigning for him since.

My mom use to always say to me, “a divided house cannot stand.” What a true statement this is–united we stand, divided we fall– these clichés have proven true as far as the American people are concerned. We have allowed fear and manipulation to completely divide us. A divided army cannot fight a common enemy and a divided people cannot save their country.

I believe in this campaign and over the next few months I will be blogging about it. I hope that America will see through the haze to the truth and we will again be a united people once again. We aren’t called the United States for nothing.