What will you do Team Obama

29 07 2008

Although everyone is complaining that the media is obsessed with Obama–which is true–no one is mentioning the fact that because of this fascination the media is giving Sen. McCain a free pass and are not scrutinizing him–except for Keith Olbermann–as they should.

People say that Affirmative Action is not needed but I say that it is. To be honest AA has benefited white women more than it has benefited anyone else. Yes white women still only makes $0.76 to every white man’s dollar, black men makes $0.72 to every white man’s dollar and black women makes $0.67 to every white man’s dollar. How about this, 5 years ago I was paid $2 less than a blonde haired, blue eyed Mexican girl–I had to give you her physical characteristics because they thought she was white– who had 3 years less experience than I did in the same job. I had more world experience because I was just recently discharged from the military 3 years before. I say, even though Affirmative Action is flawed and need to be redone–i.e. removing quotas, I feel it is still necessary, so let’s make a case for it or introduce a better policy.

Now, let’s look at why Affirmative Action is needed based on a national event. Running for the highest office of the land is a Black American man who graduated the top of his law class, was the first black American president of the Harvard law review, serve 8 years in his state senate and currently 3 years in the U.S. Senate. Was a community organizer for 4 years, ran his own Civil Rights Law Firm and has sponsored or co-sponsored over 1085 bills since he has been in the U.S. Senate. Has lived in a foreign country and has traveled all over the world. He supports women’s rights, veterans and anti-discrimination laws and restrictive power of law enforcement and also support green efforts.

On the other hand we have the other guy who is a white male, graduated five from the bottom of his Naval School class, served in the Navy because his father was a high ranking Admiral, was a POW, serves a 17 year senate run in his home state, voted against all women rights policies, equal pay policies, extension of the veteran’s G.I. Bill, the Martin Luther King Holiday; voted for the end of Affirmative Action in his state. He has only sponsored or co-sponsored 18 bills since he has been in the Senate. He does not know geography –thought Iraq borders Pakistan– and does not know the difference between Sunni and Shia.

Now here is the question, under normal circumstances, which candidate would you pick to be in your company? I would choose number 1 because he is well rounded and has a diverse resume but in this country candidate number one is dubbed inexperienced and candidate number two is supposedly the candidate of experience. Experience in what, I ask because honestly, there is not experience difference in the two.

So here’s what Team Obama University of Houston, I have recently found out that Obama is only behind 5% in Texas which means that it is possible to turn this state Blue. So, I ask, what will you do to make it happen?

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A candidate with “experience”

29 01 2008

People kill me with this experience issue. They are using this as an excuse for not voting for Obama.

He does not have enough experience to run this country. Neither did Reagan who was an actor before becoming the President, neither did Clinton except being the governor of Arkansas–an appointment that he did not finish– before becoming the President. Neither did G W Bush who was the governor of Texas–which is a figure head position, the governor has no power in Texas, the Lt. Governor carries the power–before being the president for 8 years.

So tell me what is the truth behind this statement? They say Hillary has more experience because she served along side of her husband while he was governor and president. I feel this is ludicrous because if I were to put on my resume that I have experience in a particular field because I served along side my husband, I would be laughed out of the office.

I believe there are other reasons why people use this excuse for not voting for Obama, just like the excuse that he smokes as a reason for not voting for him and the reason that he never served in the military for not voting for him. To me the underlying issue is race. I prefer these people to just be honest with themselves. I am not one to always say people are racist but there are things that are so obvious and this is one of them.

There is no other candidate appropriate for this office at this time like Obama. No other candidate so honest and true. No other candidate preaching unity in a nation torn apart or a society on the decline. No other candidate who has been successful in getting a government torn apart by partisan bickery to work together, and no other candidate who has been successful in unifying the races in this country.

To me his “lack” of experience is of little consequence but his leadership skills speaks volumes. Furthermore, if truth be told, Obama has more experience then Hillary in legislature law and working in the government–his 10 years (8 in the state senate and 2 in the U.S. senate) vs her 6 years in the U.S. senate. She just trumps him in working in politics.

So again, what are you afraid of–change? Change always comes and we must learn to adapt or we would die out like the dinosaurs.

Obama stands for change and this country is ready for it. I hope you will vote for him in your primaries. I know I will.